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message for parents/carers of learners who are self-isolating
You will appreciate that in the evolving circumstances we are currently working hard to ensure that we have the support structuse in place so that we can maintain a level of learning for those at home.
We will be providing information shortly via the school website about access to online learning at home. Pupils should ensure they have their GLOW and Show My Homework login details, pupils in school are being provided with these today. If your child is at home and does not have this information please email the school office for a reset on PerthAcademy@pkc.gov.uk
For effective communications we require your email address. If you have not shared this with us in the past (not currently receiving groupcall emails) I ask that you contact us to provide this information.
If your child has no means to access the internet at home, we ask that you contact us to let us know.